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Etgi Grup Bilişim Teknolojileri Yazılım Donanım Bilgisayar Mimarlık Mühendislik İnşaat Taahhüt İthalat İhracat Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“Etgi Grup” or “Company”), pays strict attention to the security of personal data and the rights arising from that of the clients. The following articles comprise the personal data collected on the website and Etgi Grup’s mobile application, the purposes for which such data is collected, the ways in which it is used, how you can change it, and how you can contact Etgi Grup.

  1. Legal Basis for Recording of Personal Data

The Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data, The Law No. 6563 on Regulation of Electronic Commerce, the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection Law, the Regulation on Service Providers and Intermediary Service Providers in Electronic Commerce contain provisions regarding to processing and protecting of personal data. On the other hand, the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 imposes sanctions on the processing and confidentiality of personal data.

As Etgi Grup, we require the processing of the personal data of our members and our customers in order to fulfil our obligations arising from the agreements we establish with our customers within the framework of Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and Regulation on Distance Contracts.

  1. Methods of Collecting Personal Data

Etgi Grup, pays strict attention to the security of the personal data belonging to our customers and members, therefore, work with advanced tools to ensure this. All kinds of physical, electronic and managerial measures have been taken in safe environments in order to ensure the security of our website. All information is stored and backed up on secure servers.

In order for third-party providers, including Google, to display mobile application ads by and Etgi Grup in the banner areas of the publisher sites on the internet, collecting information about ads, optimizing them and delivering feeds based on past visits to and mobile application are needed. Therefore, first-party cookies and three-party cookies are used by and third-party providers, including Google.

Cookies are files where information, passwords are saved when you browse web sites, and when you re-enter that website, your information is remembered and logged in. You can delete all cookies or site data from the tools section of your internet browser and reject all cookies from the help section.

  1. The Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data

We need some personal information, such as name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, billing and delivery addresses in order to provide better service to you in cases such as subscribing to our e-newsletters and site announcing our services and campaigns, buying a demo or product through the site and applications or cancelling the product you purchased. In addition to this information, aggregated statistical data that does not contain personal information such as the frequency and times of visits of the site and the mobile application are also collected and used to analyze and understand visitor movements and preferences.

The personal information collected on the website and mobile application is used to ensure communication and customer satisfaction with our customers, to inform them about campaigns and to provide the services you want or authorize, or to perform transactions.

To support these uses, may use personal information to provide more effective services to its customers, improve the site, mobile application and other relevant Etgi Grup products or services, and make the site easier to use.

We may use your personal information to provide information about the products or services you are using, including notices. We may also send you information about other Etgi Grup products and services.

When you sign up for a newsletter or agree to receive promotional emails, and the mobile app can use customized links or similar technology to track emails you click. Each email contains unsubscribe links that allow you to stop the arrival of such messages.

  1. Institutions Where Your Personal Data is Transferred and the Purpose of the Transfer

In order to carry out its personal data activities, Etgi Grup cooperates with program partner institutions, organizations, individuals and institutions in which the data is stored in the cloud environment, with the Bankalararası Kart Merkezi, TURK Elektronik Para A.Ş. In order to provide better service to its customers and to ensure customer satisfaction, the Company is able to share with various agencies and advertising agencies in Turkey and abroad, survey companies, other third parties at home / abroad and related business partners.

It is only possible for Etgi Grup to process your personal data without express consent in cases when it is explicitly stated in the Personal Data Protection Law no.6698

The credit card information requested on the payment page is not kept on the mobile application of and Etgi Grup or the servers of the company serving it in order to keep the security of our valued customers at the highest level.

  1. Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data

As Etgi Grup, we would like to remind you of your rights regarding your personal data recognized in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698

  1. Learn whether her/his personal data have been processed or not;

  2. Request information as to processing if her/his data have been processed;

  3. Learn the purpose of processing of the personal data and whether data are used in accordance with their purpose;

  4. Know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom personal data have been transferred;

  5. Request rectification in case personal data are processed incompletely or inaccurately;

  6. Request deletion or destruction of personal data in accordance with the conditions provided for in Article 7;

  7. Request notification of the operations made to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred;

  8. Object to occurrence of any result that is to her/his detriment by means of analysis of personal data exclusively through automated systems;

  9. Request compensation for the damages in case the person incurs damages due to unlawful processing of personal data.

  1. Personal Data Processing Time

Your Personal Data will be processed in accordance with the mandatory periods required by the relevant legislation regarding to protection of personal data, especially the Law No. 6698 on Protection of personal and as long as the above-mentioned legitimate aims have not disappeared.

  1. Updating Your Personal Data and Your Right to Apply

As Etgi Grup, we have an obligation to ensure that your processed personal data is accurate and up-to-date in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698. Under this obligation, we kindly ask you to contact us through the communication channels in our contact section on so that we can update them when your information changes. In addition, if you want to use the rights mentioned above, you can contact us by contacting us in the same way. As Etgi Grup, we undertake that we will make the necessary updates after any changes in the legislation related to personal data.

Complaints to be made by our customers whose personal data are processed by Etgi Grup will be answered and finalized by Etgi Grup within the shortest time and within 30 days at the latest. However, if an additional cost arises, Etgi Grup reserves the right to charge you according to the tariff set by the Personal Data Protection Board.

Our customers will be able to make their requests and complaints to address in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and related legislation.

In this context, you may submit your claims indicated under the title of “5. Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data” regarding your rights listed to the Company together with the documents determining your identity with the methods specified below,

(i) To the following address, which can be updated over time, by hand, wet signed or by a notary public,

Address: Hacettepe Teknokent 4.Arge Binası Üniversiteler Mah., 1596. Sok., Blok A No: 95-A/21 Beytepe 06800 ÇANKAYA/ANKARA (Ankara Trade Registry No: 303249, Mersis No: 0381043678400015)

(ii) By e-mail (please check your registered e-mail address) that you have notified us previously and sent to us from your e-mail address registered in our system or to our REM address with secure electronic signature or mobile signature,

E-mail address:

REM address:

(iii) Other methods that may be determined by the Personal Data Protection Authority in the future.